In 2011 a 2 ½ year old Joshua became sick suddenly and was rushed to the ER, after being found by his mother, unresponsive and not breathing from a nap. After 7 long days at Hershey Childrens Hospital, Joshua was diagnosed with H1N1 and pneumonia, and that his brain had been without oxygen for too long, meaning brain death. He had gone to be with Jesus.

His parents (Jeremy and Cynthia Complese) started a “move” in honor of Josh on February 28, 2013, they called it “Blue Day”. The color was chosen for being Joshua’s favorite and the first color he learned. BLUE was born on this 2 year anniversary of Joshua’s journey home to Heaven. Out of their pain was born a fresh move to live everyday in love and to help other's recover, from what is referred to as the "worst tragedy".

Held dearly in her heart, Cynthia has a passion to support people as they make the decision to live a life of love and to help parents, children and grandparents recover and heal from their sudden lose. Her passion is magnified through posts on their Facebook page for The BLUE Move, and the support groups that are held . Where, both places, words of encouragement and prayer are offered openly.

The term  "BLUE" was born out of the realization that Cynthia had, where her husband and her were blessed to have their last words to their son be "I love you". Realizing that not all families have that blessing, or peace about the sad suddenly, her passion stirred to share her story and her testimony with the world. Helping to show them that living in love at all times is key, because we are never promised the next day, the next morning or the next hour. And no one should ever have to live with the thought of, "did they know I love them?" or "did they love me?".

Cynthia’s joined on this amazing journey by her husband Jeremy and his mother Terry. Together the three of them are hoping to share their story and their passion with others. Spreading love, encouragement and healing with anyone who is willing to listen and help anyone else who is on their own healing journey.


If you are looking to have Cynthia or the entire BLUE move come to speak at an event, function or gathering, please us the Contact Us for on the left.