"Because Loving Unconditionally is Essential”

The BLUE Movement is here to provide encouragement and awareness to people that are interested in making the decision to begin acting everyday in love towards those they come in contact with. Through daily contact on Facebook and the website we hope to encourage those who are starting this new Journey.

BLUE is about going beyond respect and learning how your happiness and the way you treat people is not dependent on how you are treated. BLUE is based on a deeper foundation, rooted in Christ. 

While BLUE is a Christian based organization, we do not require anyone to be Christian to benefit from the group. We look forward to opening a support group, to help those who have been affected by the loss of a child or sibling. Giving them a safe place to discuss thoughts, feelings, and much more with others who have also felt the sting of a child leaving to soon. We are also making plans to be able to assist in the financial burden of losing a child. 

Every year, on February 28th, we hold an annual "BLUE Day". We encourage everyone to wear blue on this day and celebrate the life of someone you love that is no longer on earth. This also gives the moment to share the word about what BLUE is and why it's so important to celebrate today and love everyone as if there was no tomorrow.

We encourage you to check out the site and feel free to contact us for anything.